Environmental protection becomes an important issue in Asian countries in the recent years. Most adhesive manufacturers have devoted their researches in the solvent-free, environmental friendly products. The application markets of hot melt adhesives in Taiwan, China, and other Asian countries remain a minimum growth of 20% increment in the recent years.

Real Tack Industrial Company was founded in 1994 by a group of area experts who have both theoretical adhesion science background and practical formulation technology. To satisfy diverse and specific markets’needs, Real Tack Co. constantly introduces new raw materials, research instrument, and production equipment to develop unique and newly market orientated products.

  Accompanied with our excellent product developmental expertise, Real Tack Co. introduces a series of sophisticated mixers from USA. They are: one liter and 2 gallons lab mixers; 75 liter pilot mixer; and 100 gallons, 200 gallons, and 500 gallons production mixers. All mixers are running under vacuum to avoid heat aging or oxidation during mixing process. Consequently, the produced adhesives can offer excellent thermal and time aging properties plus reproducible adhesion performances.

  The major application markets are as follows:
Sheomaking and shoe parts
Fastening tape
PVC floor tiles
Textile lamination
Other specialties
Product Assembly
Medical Tapes
Labels and Tapes
  In addition to those existing application markets, Real Tack is capable of designing and developing new products to meet specific markets need.

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