To realize the strengths and limitations of each components used in the hot melt formulation, a fundamental study of molecular structure of every single ingredient is required. Our research team members constantly design appropriate test methods and parameters so that we are able to correlate molecular structure to the real world prcessibility and adhesion performances.

Rheometric Rheometer
Hot melt lab coater/laminator
Adhesion and release tester
Tack testers
Shear Tester
Roll down machine
Lab specimen slitter
Micro-processor controlled oven
Heat Convection Oven
Ring and Ball Softening Point Apparatus
Constant pressure hot melt applicators
Hot melt sprayers
Roll coater
Lab mixers
Production and Pilot mixers        

  Our research team is capable of precisely handling the correlation of molecular structures of used materials, processibility, and adhesion performance through the fundamentals of rheology and adhesion science. Based on this advanced technology, we are able to quantitatively predict the following properties and to optimize adhesive formulations.
Peel, Tack, and holding power
Cold resistance
Heat resistance
Conformability and self-peeling
Open time/Set speed
Adhesion to low polar surface
Effect of plasticizer
Time aging
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