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Shoe Uppers and Counter
1. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)
PSAs offer permanent open time. Shoemaking manufacture can easily assemble shoe components depending upon their own process lines and working paces. PSAs can completely substitute double-sided tapes, and greatly reduces the adhesive application time.
  2. Semi-Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Upon requests, we may provide adhesives with different open time and heat resistant. Below are two major advantages of using semi-PSAs. 1) Adhesive shows very low surface tack, which will not contaminate shoe upper components. 2) Semi-PSAs cause less problems on needles during stitching process.

The adhesive must exhibit minimum surface tack after it is roll coated on the midsole. As a result, the coated midsole can be easily placed into shoe without sticking to hand or other objects. By a foot mold pressure or human weight, the midsole is then secured onto innersole.

Boot Reinforcing
Hot melt adhesive is used to reinforce the shank portion of boots. Immediately after the adhesive is sprayed on the interior part (leather) of the boot, a piece of fabric is then covered and press bonded with a vamp molding machine. Through such reinforcing treatment, the shank area of boot will maintain tough and straight.

Shoe Box and Last

1. Shoe Box
Our hot melt adhesives for shoe box making features long open time, good adhesion to various materials, and offer great heat resistance.
2. Last and insole attachment
Hot melt adhesive is used to attach last and insole, which can substitute traditional nailing process. Adhesives feature great heat resistance, high bonding strength, and can be removed from last easily.

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