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General purposed and cold/heat resistant
In the recent years, due to the strong demand of environmental protection standard, the use of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are gradually substituting solvent based acrylics adhesives in label market.
After an intensively long term studies, we are now able to provide pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives with good die-cutting and stripping performances. We can also provide adhesives without wing-up behavior that happens on most paper labels.
Upon specific requests, we can provide products according to customers’ individual process condition and requested adhesion performances. Besides the general purposes’ products, we also offer adhesives used for refrigerator, deep freezer, and high temperature applications.
Seaming (Tamper evident) Tapes
Seaming tape is primarily used on PE or PP film envelopes. Because of the increasing pressure of global environmental awareness, products made by recyclable PE or PP are increasing over the years. Those PE and PP film envelopes offer good tear strength but present very low polarity on the surface. Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives must provide a balance of good adhesion and cohesion to cause film tear.

OPP film envelopes
Our hot melt adhesives used on OPP film envelopes feature transparent and no adhesive transfer. The OPP film envelope may be used repeatedly.

Rubber Tire Labels

Over the years, the demand of supplying labels for rubber tires for automobile market increases constantly. We offer a series of high performance pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives with good plasticizer and cold resistance for this purpose.

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