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Hot melt adhesives have widely used in various product assembly markets. Following are some typical applications.
The conventional adhesives used in furniture industry are either water or solvent based adhesives. Due to limitation of using Benzene like solvents in this industry, many woodworking manufacturers have switched the used adhesives to hot melts. Depending on the process speed, we will provide products with various open times.

PE foam assembly
For environmental purpose, recyclable EPE foam is gradually replacing PS foam in the foam assembly industry. Solvent based adhesive is currently used for EPE foam assembly. The VOC of solvent based adhesive is harmful to the workers health. Additionally, the bonding force of most solvent based adhesives does not satisfy market needs. Alternatively, our unique hot melt adhesives provide appropriate solutions for resolving current difficulties.

DIY glue stick
We offer a variety of hot melt glue sticks for DIY applications. They are suitable for school handicrafts, electronic parts assembly, and home DIY applications.

Other Specialized product assembly

Besides the above application markets, our hot melt adhesives have been successfully applied to several markets, such as handicrafts, cosmetics, ornaments, stationary, albums, and mattress. Upon specific requests, we can always design customer orientated products.

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