Medical Tapes
PVC floor tiles
Textile Lamination
Fastening (Velcro) Tapes
Product Assembly
Automobile Industry

Carton Sealing
Hot melt adhesives are mainly used for food boxes, tissue boxes, cigarette boxes, and corrugate cartons. We may offer adhesives for different application methods (automatic or manual). Upon requests, we provide adhesives having different open time, bonding performances, heat resistance and cold resistance.
Slip Resistant Carton
We may provide adhesives with different open time and slip resistant effect according to customers’ production equipments and processes.

PP、PET Case Sealing
Due to the demand of environment protection standard, traditional plastic box made of PVC is being substituted by environment friendly materials, PP and PET. Our adhesives used for PP and PET cases offer great heat resistance, cold resistance, and high cohesion.

Label Pick-up
Our products for label pick-up purposes offer good machining, adhesion, and cold resistance. Label pick-up adhesives are mainly used for water and soda bottles made of PET. We also provide adhesives for glass bottles.

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