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Traditional luggage manufacturers usually use hand brushing or spraying gun to apply solvent based adhesives. Those adhesives are used for bonding fabrics onto plastics or leather surfaces. Since those volatile organic solvents are extremely harmful to workers, a new technology utilizing non VOC hot melt adhesives are developed for luggage applications. The adhesive is sprayable and harmless containing no solvents and no irritant smell. The use of hot melt adhesives can also increase the production efficiency and lower the prime cost.

Decorating Strips
Traditional luggage manufacturers generally use double-sided tapes to adhere decorating strips onto luggage. Such method need to remove release paper before bonding process. A specific hot melt adhesive was developed for this purpose, which offers the manufacturer an online roll coating benefit. The adhesive has long open time, does not require a release paper. Consequently, it greatly increases the production efficiency and lowers the prime cost.

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