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Automobile Industry

The requirements of light weight, fuel efficiency, safety, and comfortable are becoming the major concerns of automobile manufacturing industry in the recent years. Due to the environmental and safety necessities, hot melt adhesives is gradually replacing conventional solvent based adhesives in this industry. The use of hot melt adhesive can also reduce the total material cost and fast production rate.
Auto Lamps
A series of hot melt adhesives were developed particularly for assembling the head lamp and tail lamp of automobiles and motorcycles. They offer excellent air permeability for the bonding of various materials, such as PC, PP, ABS, Acrylate, PI, etc. These hot melt adhesives satisfactorily meet the following market requirements: easy application, air permeability, heat, low temperature, and aging resistance.

Auto Parts
The major application areas for hot melt adhesives in the automobile industry are as follows: carpet, lamination of nonwoven and auto body, water repelling film for car doors, head lining assembly, foam and leather boning for car seat, and rear mirrors. The unique features of our hot melt products are: high heat resistance, excellent peeling strength, light color, and good adhesion to various materials.

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