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In the past, during the process of manufacturing mattresses, manufacturers would generally spray solvent based adhesive to affix pocketed coil and to adhere surfaces of mattresses. However, because of solvent’s poisonous substances, such as Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, and its irritant smell, it would pollute the environment and harms work crews and customers’ health. It would worsen eyesight, causes bleeding, or even death such serious consequences. In the recent years, while environment protection standard is rising, agencies have demanded higher standard of using adhesives on mattresses. Our company follows the demand of the market and takes consideration toward customers’ health, producing hot melt adhesives specifically used on mattresses. The product has absolute no poison effect or harm. There is no irritant smelling, it will not pollute the environment, it will not harm human bodies, and it is suitable for automatic production.
Pocketed Coil
Adhesive beads are applied on the side of pocketed coils by hot melt applicators. With suitable external pressure, it would result satisfactory bond strength between coils. Also, the product has great flexibility and sufficient heat resistance, which will not break apart easily during service. It is transparent with no smell that guarantees health. It will also increase production efficiency and improve the total quality of finished products.

Fabrics and Foams Lamination
We provide specific hot melt adhesives for bonding fabrics and foams. The adhesive has several great advantages: longer open time; good machining with various hot melt spraying techniques; great production efficiency; great flexibility; and breathable. The product has been widely used in the mattress assembly market.

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